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This report characterizes a ship heat generation system, its water treatment procedures and maintenance required. The main objective is to document the system and to establish optimal and standard operation processes. It is also an important piece of digital information, part of the ship information system.

Correct boiler water treatment and follow-up of the water and steam condition, are of utmost importance for keeping the heat generation systems in good condition.
By implementing a rigorous program of boiler water treatment, a vessel can greatly extend equipment life, reduce maintenance and enable thermal efficiency to be maintained at the designed level.

If boilers water doesn’t receive proper treatment, the boiler will suffer from carryover, sludging, scale and corrosion, leading to weak and dangerous machinery.
Long before the boiler fails, water-related problems will cause growing safety hazard, increased maintenance cost, additional fuel required with higher energy costs and lower boiler efficiency.

This report focus on three boilers water treatment factors:

Chemical Treatment – Correct application of chemical treatment programs can eliminate many problems associated with boiler operations.

Management concerns – Addresses the administration of boiler water operations. Observations indicate that major difficulties found in boiler water treatment systems can be traced to management actions.

Operator performance – Addresses the hands-on operation of boilers. The key players are the boiler operators and, of course, assigned supervisors.
A basic knowledge of boiler mechanics and water chemistry is an absolute requirement, whether through formal training or on the job training.

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