PLANET YOU – A Social Engineered Vision


Working in a ship with a multicultural crew, requires English speaking.
One day you wake-up and start writing in English too.
Not an obligation, else a good practice.

This text is dedicated to people that work or consider working on ships. It was inspired in several unique moments shared aboard, with young and not so young magnificent people.
Thanks to them!

You are Planet [your name].

You walk.
You don’t notice but at each step you leave past and embrace future.
Many things changes in this transition. Millions of sensors send and receive information.
You are like a planet with millions of different and sensitive people, each one caring for its life. They require management. They ask for support and leadership.

You are in charge. Whether you want it or not.
You will be asked to decide things, to choose between options.
You will be presented with responsibilities.
There is no turn off button. There is no pause.
This planet inside of you is always changing, even when you sleep.
Every tomorrow will be a surprising and exciting new day.

And this doesn’t end here.
Planet You is just a part of a bigger story.
There are about seven billions of similar planets.
And each day new ones are discovered and added to this universe.
Balance is a challenge.

Huge, isn’t it?
Don’t be afraid. You have all the tools that you need.
Most of the tasks are managed by an internal smart controller with an astounding fast intranet, taking care of all routine and boring tasks, leaving you free for (un)pleasant things.

You just need to focus on feeding this system with energy and proper maintenance.
But if you want a smooth and stable operation, it is critical to establish a good parameterization of the system. The access is restricted but there is no need for a password. The core system is connected to you exclusively, through an inviolable protocol that no one truly knows, despite several scientific attempts.

Are you prepared? This will be hard work.
Bring a glass of water with sugar and sit on a comfortable place.
In case you fall.

Let’s configure yourself!

Step 1
The first setup is called The Start Point, also known as Where Am I Now, and needs careful configuration. It is quite simple. However you may find that you need complex inside research.
When ready, write answers for the following questions.
– What is your signature? (What you put on everything you do)
– What is your dream? (To be, to have, what moves you, what turns you on)
– What is your mission? (Remember who you are and where you came from)
– What are your deliverables so far? (Show the evidences)
Already done? Sure?
Take a break. Breathe.

Step 2
The second setup is called The Goal, also known as Where Do I Want to Go.
It is quite complex. For sure, you will need another inside research.
Again, write answers for the following questions.
– What and where do you want to be in 5 years?
– What actions are you firmly taking to achieve this goal?
– Which steps did you already fulfilled?
Good news! You are becoming a Planet You discoverer.
What an exciting adventure!

Remember, if you don’t know where you want to go, wind will always blow against.

Step 3
The third setup is called Making Way, also known as Action!
You just need some CADs – Compromise, Alignment and Discipline.
Sorry, not in pills, yet.
Is your goal the size of an elephant?
Ok, no problem.
Just considerer it like a puzzle and choose a piece to start.
Leave the nails for last. They are heavy and hard pieces to deal at beginning.
Before making way, plan the voyage. Think that you will be on a train.
Establish control points. Imagine and name them as stations.
Date each time of arriving.
Will you be alone? Will you need a flash light, a skateboard, other resources?

Remember, not preparing the voyage is a preparation to fail the destiny.

Last but not least, don’t forget the survival kit:
Best attitudes:
– Always Yes!
– Smile;
– Face it, do not fear.
Indispensable verbs:
– To (always) smile;
– To dance (when possible).
Indispensable expressions:
– Good Morning! (Put your heart on it);
– You piece of sheet! (Adjust the dose according to your contract duration);
– May I help you? (Always a good start to anything).

Step 4
The fourth and last setup is called Legacy, also known as What a Story.
– What will be your legacy?
– How do you want to be remembered?

That’s it!

Time to go.
Let me offer some free tools that might help you.
They may seem quite strange or philosophical at this moment.
But, just in case, put this toolkit in your luggage.

You are talented people, creative, with a proactive attitude. You add value.
At least you wrote this in your CV. Let’s suppose that it is true.
Do other people recognize those skills on you?
Is your value perceived by people that can make the difference?
Start amplifying your talent. Today.
No vapour please. Show deliverables, evidences, finished work.
Go directly to people that decides.
– What about rules, hierarchy, you ask.
Don’t be stupid. Be creative!
Even ants have megaphones. Why don’t you?

Sorry. Not for sale.
Happiness it is not about yourself.
Happiness is all about sharing, giving from you to others.
With true care, real interest, empathy.
Happiness is all about (good) impact on others life.
Make someone smile. Make someone unique.
Grow in others success. Celebrate!
Happiness, what else?

It is easier to lead than to be leaded. Don’t be afraid.
Just think that you are not a copy. Neither a copy machine.
If you completed the previous configuration (congratulations!), you will need to lead yourself.
Don’t let other people sell your product, your Planet You.
They don’t know how. And you will lose time and opportunities.
Innovate, question, learn, improve, excels.
Put passion on everything you do.

There is only one way of doing things. The right way.
At first time, please.

Take care of you.
You will need to be in good shape when challenges come.
Remember that to be good for others, you need first to be good for yourself.
This is not selfishness. This is good sense.

There are always two options.
On and off; cold and hot; problem and solution; darkness and light.
Choose the solution. Choose the light.
What about adversity?
– Eat it! It is good with fried potatos and an egg.
– Smile! Imagine it as a small monkey dancing.
What about several adversities?
– Eat one today and the others tomorrow or later. Use the fridge to conserve the taste.
– Search for help and advice among your friends. You aren’t that strong.

Your leader can be your mentor, your team builder, your friend.
Or he can be like an adversity in your life.
Try to understand who he is.
Big or small people (not the size)?
What are his fears, goals, concerns?
Then establish communication and choose:
– Team with him;
– Face it truly.
If you don’t understand a task ask why, five consecutive times.
At the end, you learned and are motivated.
Or your leader understood the task real value and gave up.
Or, even better, you both found an improved solution.

Do not ever forget – you are a planet.

Be unique.
Follow your dream.
Make your story.

Be The Planet You!


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